Dorcas:Good evening! This is Activate Youth Camp News in brief, my name is Olagunju Dorcas
Tobi:I am Omooba Oluwatobiloba
Dorcas:First, the headlines

  •           Campers go on endurance walk
  •           Youths show off their musical abilities
  •           Skills Training Continues
  •           Football, Swimming, Basketball and Sprints engage campers
  •           Campers go local for dinner

Now the News!
Campers got a feel of the Magodo Estate on Tuesday morning of the 30th July, 2013.The Endurance walk which lasted for about 1hr saw campers trek the streets of magodo. It was an experience that participants will not forget in a hurry.
Tobi:The second night of the camp was a night of Music with Gaise Baba and Provabs as special Guests.
Representatives from the different houses had the privilege of performing before the special guests and had their songs and raps assessed and they were also advised on how to become better.
Dorcas:Skills training in Photography, Arts & Crafts, Fashion designing and others continued on Tuesday 30th July, 2013 with campers showing great aptitude for the various skills they had subscribed to.
The Arts & Crafts Youths had a small carrier bag to show for their efforts in class and Cooking and Home Management baked cake for us.
Tobi:It was an exciting time on the football field, Basketball Court and on the race tracks as Campers decked in their Sportswear to have fun. The coming days promise to be more fun as learning of Sports improves.
Dorcas:On Day 3 of Activate Youth Camp, Campers were served an Option of Ogi/ Pap with Moimoi or Custard with Moimoi.  The shock on some camper’s face was obvious as they had probably expected another foreign meal. But it all ended as well as some who had never taken Ogi did and mentors too enjoyed Garri with their portions of Moimoi.
That was the news!!!
Reporters were: Omooba Oluwatobi
                         Adeshina Mary
                         Olusi Munirat
                         Olagunju Dorcas
On behalf of my Colleague and I, Good night and God bless.

Activate Youth Camp 2013 Day Picture Speaks

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ActivateYouthCamp News Brief

Good morning, my name is Olagunju Dorcas and this is activate youth camp news brief .
First the headlines
Activate youth camp begins
Etiquette in the Public Place
Ground rules to help campers have a great time
PK frowns at dragging of chairs & disorderliness

Now the news………………
Activate Youth Camp, the long anticipated youth camp for secondary school students kicked off at Supreme Education Foundation School Magodo, Lagos with PK, the convener of the youth camp declaring it opened at about 5:30pm on Sunday 28th July, 2013 the short ceremony was proceeded by an introduction to the camp, mentors and some of the facilitators.
Mrs Sowemimo

Mrs Sowemimo, an expert in etiquette spoke on the need for everyone to develop the proper attitude towards dealing with ourselves and each other in the public place .She spoke thoroughly about showing courtesy to each other as this shows that we value ourselves and other person.

Ground rules to guide behavior on camp and help the campers have a swell time been read out loud and clear on the camp on Saturday evening.


Every camper is expected to comply with the rules which are beneficial to all.

PK frowned at the level of disorderliness that followed good nights @ yesterday’s closing.
She warned that such conduct was not acceptable and encouraged every camper to be at the best behavior she also insisted that no one must drag the chairs on the ground.


The reporters are –Adeshina Mary, Olusi Munirat, Olagunju Dorcas.

Temitope Arogunmati

Temitope Arogunmati
Arts & Crafts Educator and Author of Crafts Unlimited book series
I am a graduate of Fine Arts, OAU, Ile-Ife. As a versatile Arts & Crafts Educator and advocate, I am committed to helping young people like you develop creative skills that will enable you excel in every area of endeavour.
I run a vibrant Arts and Craft training centre with my dynamic team of Arts & Craft experts. We provide training in various exciting creative projects, with careful focus on helping our trainees develop hand, eyes, head and heart coordination skills. Young talents are nurtured and originality is encouraged for well rounded self-development and economic empowerment. I look forward to working closely with you during this camp to teach you some exciting Arts & Craft projects.