Annies Place

To be the foremost institute providing a comprehensive development of children, infant–18 years, in Nigeria. To reach every child with God’s love impacting the Total child – spirit, soul & body

We are set to EQUIP teachers and parents with the tools required to function better. We look to EMPOWER the child to attain their God-given potentials with training and coaching in all areas of personal development. To make a difference in the world of children ministry, we ENCOURAGE partnerships and development in the child development sector.

Safety– that all should be done to keep children safe from all dangers.
Love & Care – that all children deserve the highest levels of love and care.
Quality & Excellence – excellence in all our programmes and services.
Partnership – between parents, care givers, corporate bodies, government & other child development institutions

Annie’s Place currently provides services in training, development and empowerment of ministers/teachers/ instructors of children. Annie’s Place look to provide a quality childcare facility at a very low cost for the children of market women around the major markets within the Lagos metropolitan and low income earners. The center looks to provide a Safe, secure and loving environment for the child under age 5, while helping the young mother focus in building her enterprise.

This project is focused to help the child build a solid foundation through social, physical, mental, emotional, academic experiences.

We are:

* Totally committed to equip, empower and encourage leaders in children’s ministry.

* To create an opportunity for the children of market women and pregnant teenage girls to have access to quality childcare while developing a solid education foundation and to give the market women the opportunity to concentrate and grow their enterprise.

* To lay the foundation of proper psychological development of the young child;

Our overall objective is to reach every child with the Love of God, creating an impact in their Spirit, soul and body, affecting the total child.

Annie’s Place has set itself the task of providing support services in key aspects of children’s ministry.

Established in 2006, Annie’s Place offer training, seminars and Conferences in different aspects of children’s ministry. This trainings/Conferences are done within the framework of partnerships, using relevant and effective training resources, and backed by dedicated prayer. 

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