Bukky Shonibare

                                                                                            Hello great minds,
I am aunty Bukky Shonibare and I will be at this year’s ACTIVATE YOUTH CAMP where we will have fun as we learn VISIONING AND GOAL SETTING.  You will learn the meaning of Vision and Goals, why you should set goals, what to do after you have set goals, possible hindrances to goals and how you can overcome them, and so much more.
I am the Group CEO of “The 555 Group” owners of 555 Consulting Limited (Human Resource Management and Strategy);555 Foods (owners of ‘Beans City’ – a beans-only restaurant); 555 Academy (HR and Entrepreneurship School); and 555 Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility aimed at fulfilling “The PAPS Goal” of Promoting Entrepreneurship, Alleviating Poverty, Provoking Social Change, and Strengthening Employability Skills). 
I can be reached via Email: bukky@the555group.com; Facebook: bukky.shonibare; and Twitter: @bukkyshonibare.
I look forward to having an exciting and educating time with you.

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