Ruth Goma

My name is Ruth Goma. I am a Life Coach and a Psychologist. I am a Co-founder and Head of training for Schools Consult, an Organization that trains teachers to impact and inspire youths to work towards their dreams. As a Developmental Psychologist I research on works and studies to proffer solutions for human’s physical and cognitive developmental defects from conception to old age. I am an avid reader and therefore very interested in the reading culture of the Nigerian child as I know without a doubt that reading helps to develop the mind/cognitive abilities especially of youths. I oversee a number of book clubs that I initiated in several schools. Every young person I coach is a champion!!! So we will be calling our selves CHAMP in the camp. Don’t forget this!!
For the youth Activate camp in July 28-3 August, I will be doing a lot of leisure reading with interested champions as well as doing very practical experiments with all interested champions on how to master their emotions with the aim of developing their dreams into workable reality.

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