So much fun

These past 3 days has been incredible in every way! The spirit, love, camaraderie, teamwork, bonding and togetherness in camp is exhilarating. More was seen this morning as we had a quick ‘flashlight’ session where the children, facilitated by their mentors shared some of the things they’ve learnt in the past two days.
They spoke about activities of the past few days; like the vision and goal setting session, their experience during the sport session, the new knowledge acquired in the skill development session and the myriad of snippets of wisdom gained from the former Deputy Governor of Lagos, Princess Sarah Sosan’s opening address on Leadership yesterday.
Thereafter, the teens were introduced to adventure via experiential learning by the tenacious Mpho; a mentor from South Africa. Her session encouraged the children to work in teams and to dig into themselves to find solutions to clues hidden in different locations, which actually led them on a wild goose chase. The purpose according to her was to teach the children endurance and to prepare their minds for the mindset-changing and paradigm-shifting adventure sessions in the coming days. Truth be told, even some of the mentors confessed to being frustrated and lost during the ‘goose chase’, but all in all, at the end of the session, everyone was excited and are looking forward to the next bit of adventure tomorrow morning. Did I say tomorrow morning!? No! Because there are loads and loads of amazing upcoming activities today…

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