#ActivateYouthCamp #DAY 6

With wisdom are you better off? How? The three constants of life.
There are three constant things that does not change regardless of the location and time, they are:
1) God and His principles
2) Choices
3) Change.

Mr Victor encouraged us to respect people. Stick to our major priorities which include; Fear God, Obey your parents and read your books. He asked us a question that what do we want to make of ourselves? In answering that he told us to decode ourselves and be committed to the discovery of our identity. He further explained to us the importance of developing our skills. Affirmation of self-worth and personal dignity of human person. Think beyond yourself, enjoy social responsibility. Don’t allow whatever you’re going through to tie you down. Exude your flavour, be different. Make up your mind to add your flavour to life anywhere you go. Have mentors to learn from them. We must not be quick to judge others. We must exercise empathy by seeking to understand people.Be speed limit conscious.
Seek meaningful relationships. Be sure to make friends who can help you. Make friends with those who can help you become better.
Take it easy with yourself.
Turn to God.

 The experience!!!
AYC 2014

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