At a time as this, in an atmosphere where everyone struggles to just make ends meet. Parents are either thinking of the next line of business or brooding over the bills at hand, even the School teachers who primarily should have been molding the next generation and securing a perfect future for this little ones have lost the passion for their calling and have been carried away by their own ‘bellies’ and not their heart
   What then does the future hold? Should we just fold hands and watch the next generation develop into the same mistake of the present, or keep nagging at the situation.
We at Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative would not fold hands; neither would we give up on making these kids bright stars, we can’t watch this tragedy happen, that is why we have chosen to Empower, Encourage and Equip these young minds with the arsenal within our possession and Awaken the giant in them. Every Child has potentials, they have incredible minds beyond the comprehension of our reasoning, but sadly have been deaden and made to sleep due to irresponsibility of the Government, Parents and teachers.
   This year, as it has always been and even better, Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative would be hosting these children for a period of 7 days and would be camping them; thereby removing them from a world of strife into a conducive environment for Reshaping, Remolding and Re-igniting them into the STAR they were created to be.

Come join and be part as we take this ‘ORE’ through the refining process and make them the GOLD our future needs through ”The Awakening” … I have it in me.    
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