To be!

I have heard that beggars have ridden horses.

And that servants who once served have risen to be served upon.

I have read of homeless children who became saviours of the very country that

deserted them

I know of  a boy with no shoes, who later ruled a nation on the African continent

There is a president growing on the inside of a young boy.

There are Leaders in the next generation.

Children who will be great, who will sour to  heights unknown.

I refuse to fold my hands, to be a casual onlooker

I long to be part of something bigger,

I want to get it right where the generation before mine got it wrong

I want to say of a truth,I was here, in this time and place.


Volunteer AYC 2015

Graphics by Orebiyi Ayooluwatunde
Volunteer AYC 2015

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