“… I told you it was amazing” 
Read this brilliant piece from one of our Campers
I woke up at 3am this morning with an agonizing pain in my left leg and did not know what to do because I did not want to wake any mentor at such hour, so I got up and walked around my block. Occasionally, I would walk back to my room and try to sleep. I fell asleep but woke again at 5:30am after 30minutes of sleep which is not exactly the best way to start your day but still forged ahead with hope; hoping  today will be amazing.
I was not disappointed. The day started with energizing drills that woke me up and somehow cleared my head. After that, I went into my room where my wonderful roommates and I got ready for the day with a breakfast of bread and stew. After breakfast, we were all taken to the hall where the camp commandant Mr. D addressed and gave us our agenda for the day. The first on the agenda was team meetings.
I am in team RUBY and our slogan says “We always stand out”. I got to meet my wonderful team mates and mentors who are gems to me. After team meetings, the opening ceremony started. Our special guest was the governors’ wife Her Excellency Mrs. Bolanle Ambode whom we nicknamed our grandmother. Of course, if we have a grandmother, we have to have a mother and this title was given to Pastor Mrs. Kikelomo Omooba the convener of Activate Youth Camp.
After the opening ceremony, we went for our skills training. My  chosen skill is make-up and from the way my facilitator Feyzo spoke and the kind of equipments she carried, I knew she was a professional. I had so much fun learning during her class because she was not boring and did not sound tired or afraid of talking to us. Our next facilitator was in the general session. His name is Mr. Yomi Ogunfowora, he spoke to us on “The journey to guided learning” and gave us advice based on his life experiences.
Later today, I took courage to see the  Camp Doctor who gave me medicine. I do not know what it is but I know he is certified because Activate Youth Camp coordinators only bring professionals so I was not bothered. All I know is that the headache went away and I was able to enjoy the next activity in sports. Our coach took us through different basketball drills after which we actually played and my team won, so you can imagine how happy I was. I also loved the fact that the mentors were participating as well.
Finally we had entertainment night which was comedy and our special guest was Seyi Law. He started by making us laugh and giving us important advice on success with his personal experience. After this, my team mates competed against other teams in a comedy show and we laughed a lot. Team Emerald won but we were all happy for them because we have been taught team work.
One of our mentors Champ Miles bought us a cake and we all had a taste of it after which we went to bed.
So my day started out with a terrible ache in my leg and a headache but it ended with smiles and laughter and a cake. I told you it was amazing.
Pereye Raine, 15years

Team Ruby.
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