Day 4 was enthusiastic! We all woke up to the field for our drilling exercises. The day’s activities started with reminisce of yesterday’s event and sharing our inspirations. Going for team meetings, the task was to continue brainstorming for global problems and proffering local solutions then to rehearse songs for the night’s music competition.
The general session for Day 4 was “Pictures Galore”. We had group pictures where we formed ACTIV8 and various shapes in our teams. We took group and personal pictures of our friends and the photographers were at their best for the whole duration. 
Skills learning continued in earnest with campers learning skills in various Arts and Crafts, Make-up, Photography and Knitting and their creativity began manifesting since they needed time to take shape. Arts and craft made bags from looms and small jars from old newspapers. Knitting made berets and bags perfectly while photography class were in the field taking portrait pictures as assignments.

Mr. Adebola Odu-Onikosi in facilitating the journey of guided learning challenged campers to be at their best and strive for excellence. Using life examples of his growing-up and learning years in Mushin on his personal journey to excellence.

On Action Home, the children preferred solutions to global problems having local implications. It is always a delight when children within a short space of time can provide smart and innovative solutions to global issues.
The night session was the best of all as we had renowned gospel act Gaise Baba perform his hit song “ Awa O Tush O” getting everyone on their feet dancing to the glory of God. Gaise went ahead to challenge campers to maintain their virginity till they are married and to take the “Chastity Vow”. The night ended with singing competitions where all the teams put up a great performance

It is always anticipated that the next day would be the best of all!

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