If this piece doesn’t cause you to stop and ponder, nothing will 
Activate Youth Camp is Plugged in again, this is the third season in a row. Although I was not part of the first two seasons, I was only privileged to have known about Activate Youth Camp through a mentor, a friend who has been so inspiring and dear to my heart. The theme for this season ‘The Awakening’ does not only apply to the campers but also to me as a mentor in particular. This is so because some silent questions I have been seeking answers to have been answered somewhat during the course of lectures and sessions meant for the campers. I call the mentees campers as if am not a part of them also. Funny you would say am I too not in camp?
For these teenagers this period will be a defining moment in their lives. They will look back years from now and say “AYC 2015 marked a new turn in my life”. This camp has offered the opportunity to these teenager’s who have in one way or another been hindered, deprived by the society and some by their families from expressing themselves. They have been given the freedom to think, act, make decisions for themselves, although this will be done with proper tailoring by facilitators and mentors. More so, these seven days have been so fulfilling and inspiring; given that it was like I relived the childhood I really missed. I was quickened to the enormity of the task that has to be done in making better the lives of children who have somewhat been deprived by society. 
AYC is a forum where every child is allowed to air their views without a stint of condensation and are set on the right paths to becoming whom God has destined them to become. Thus Awakening the Sleeping  Giant in
Every Child… I for one as a mentor, sessions meant for the mentees has also enlivened me. This has allowed me to have a rethink about my own life. 
The Journey of Guided learning session with Mr. Timon Oviawe, spurred my having a rethink about my life and where i would love to be in the nearest future. It’s important to state at this point that, this is my first Activate Youth Camp, and if given the opportunity, I will do it again to help build a better world and great leaders of today.
I know I have been activated! My apologies to my mentees for sharing in their experiences.

Robert Auta
Mentor, AYC’15
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