We are already used to loving the drilling exercises every morning and Day 6 was no different. After breakfast, the first session was led by Mrs. Ruth Goma of Schools Consult on “Positive Listening”. Dividing the campers into groups, we played the listening game to help increase concentration. She highlighted the benefits of listening to promote and attract good attitude for “where your intellects stops, attitude continues”. The types of listening she highlighted were:

  1. Discriminatory Listening (Picky, haphazard and selective)
  2. Comprehensive Listening (careful listening then writing what you understand)
  3. Informational Listening
  4. Critical or Analytic listening (for scientists)
  5. Therapeutic or Empathy listening (for psychologists, doctors and philosophers).
Daniel Nwaeze, AYC ’15 Blogger
On rounding her session, she took us into an emotional state to build minds to empathy listening, to think big and to learn to help others. The children were moved to tears after listening and sharing bothersome issues with a friend in groups of two and also discovering they had opportunities to help people which they never did but promising to begin to help anyone next to them from today. 
Day 6’s unique session was the exhibition. All the skills class exhibited finished beautiful works on stage and presented on the techniques they used in coming up with their works during the six days of learning. From the fabrics of the Batik class, the T-Shirt designs of the T-Shirt production, the skirts of tailoring class, the caps and sweaters of the Knitting class, the vases and bags of Arts and Craft to the earrings, bangles and necklaces of beads and Ankara classes; they all exhibited beautiful designs. Knitting class presented a decoration and sweater to Mrs. Kikelomo Omooba as appreciation for bringing the vision of Activate Youth Camp to life.
 Jide Oluwase, AYC ’15 Blogger
            Rotimi Ogunyemi, AYC ’15 Blog Editor
The journey of guided learning was facilitated by Jude Obinyan a graphics designer with the topic “Point of View”. He shared stories of his life and asked a question on “How did you get to where you are? He tried to make the children understand perspectives in choosing a career. He introduced his tool kits and a banana using them as explanation. He explained cultures and perspectives of colours. Anything you love is what you’re good at but ask yourself a question: “is this your point of view?” for it is you who will decide your point of view. Make your choice right. He told us to understand colours and learn to love them while he interpreted them.  He praised Nigeria for the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and natural resources especially among the children here in camp.  Mr. Jude made everyone promise God:  “we will never allow anyone change or decide our point of view , and to explore the uniqueness in all of us”.
He rounded up by teaching the trick of the word “HELP” in learning anything we want and doing what we love.
The Day 6 adventures were indoors and fun from the cup games to brain teasers that opened our minds to think outside the box.
Tonight was free of sessions as it was varieties night. First DJ Gospel Beats lit the hall with lovely gospel music for freestyle dances. The dance skills presented their dance which they had learnt within five days. Then each team had one representative for each variety (Comedy, Singing, Drama and Dance).
When all deed has been done, the floor was open for Dance! Dance!! Dance!!! During dance, campers and mentors went around to exchange greetings and contacts of friends for life they had made.
Indeed Day 6 was a full day and it has been a fun learning atmosphere to the Glory of God.
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