Welcome to AYC 2017

The Tales of the Divergent

Do not be quick to write us off because we do not follow crowds; but one thing we promise, you will look us up in history as being unique and different because we are the DIVERGENTS.

First we had to know “we have it in us” and be “Aware” of our capabilities; then we moved from being awakened to being courageous… this is our story for we are the “DIVERGENTS”.

We are young, creative and passionate. We are always ready for challenges of life as we have passed through the fire to emerge as purified gold. We are claiming our rightful place in life and nurtured by great champions at Activate Youth Camp.

We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives us to stand up for each another, and lead the way even when everyone doubts us. Like Veronica Roth posits, for us now, “becoming fearless isn’t the point; that’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it”; this we learned on our journey to being “Courageous”.

Our first instinct is to push ourselves to our break point, just to see how hard our goal is. The point you think we will break, we become stronger and last longer. We have no respect for the feeble or fearful as our goal is bigger even than our imaginations leading us to surpass even places you still dream of attaining.

2017 is key year for us as it marks a milestone in our journey. A milestone of diligence, of resilience and once again we take our take our creed: “We will speak right, act right, we will think right, think fast, talk right, walk right, act right and live right because we are Champions, thank you Lord for perfecting all that concern us”… This is our story.

Are you ready to be a DIVERGENT? Join us at Activate Youth Camp 2017