Dear Champions,

It is amazing to see that we are on the 5th edition of Activate Youth Camp, themed ‘The Divergent: I Choose To be Different’.

In the last 4 editions, we have seen our campers exhibit positive changes, establish friendships with other campers and making a great connection with the Activate Youth Camp ideal. Through our ” No gadget ” policy, we were able to engender a greater appreciation of the outdoors and as well promote positive socialisation. Time spent at Activate Youth Camp helps our teenagers identify and positively deal with their emotions whilst  appreciating the individuality of others. Above all, they come away with the awareness that they have all it takes to be the best, only if they would look within.

Our joy at APCDI is watching these treasures break out of their shell during this one week adventure. More than 50% of the teenagers find their voice and the confidence to express themselves for the very first time. Engaging in various activities: sports, entertainment (i.e comedy, dance, drama and music,) etc, their hidden selves show up with unbelievable zest. Some amazing talents get discovered. Many of them resolve to face their fears and reach for the their goals. Nothing could be more enthralling than this.

This year’s camp, the 5th in the series, is not an exception. Themed The Divergent, we shall be focusing on the Mind. We shall bring to the fore the following: 1. The need to break out of the norm 2. The power of choices in breaking out of the rut. 3. How to develop actionable steps that would set them on the path of great success. And a lot more. At AYC 2017, we look forward to conscripting many more teenagers into the army of children who dare to be different,who dare to go for gold. It is time to be The DIVERGENT