Day 2

 Wow… Its been an amazing experience for the kids.

 Day 2 started with discussion on Hygiene, respect for one another and Time Management.


They later proceeded to dinning hall where they had Yam and fried Eggs.




 The  morning session started with Mrs Kikelomo Omooba (P.K)- the convener addressing the kids to focus on why they were here and maximise every moment they are spending in the camp.


Mrs Idowu Muhammed, Executive Secretary, Lagos Environmental Sanitation Corps who represented Mrs. Bolanle Ambode, First Lady of Lagos State delivered the First lady’s speech.

The First lady would have loved to be present physically but had other engagements today, she said.

 In her speech, she emphasised that “The responsibility of moulding the lives of children should not be left in the hands of the teachers alone; Parents are responsible for the lives of their children’.
 She took pictures with some of the kids and also with the convener.

Skills acquisition session came next. There were classes for bead making/bridal accessories, make-up, shoe making, soap making, ankara   accessories, visuals, photography, hairdressing, adire, dance, tailoring, event planning and decorations.



The introductory sessions across board were impressive. Surely we’ll learn fast and well.

Lunch was sweeeet!

Break-out sessions were great, the classes effective, and the evaluation impressive.







Adventure time was totally fun and engaging. The campers enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

On Sports, it was exhilarating looking at the campers in their sport wears with excitement written all over them. It was truly a wonderful experience








Dinner was good as usual and the day ended with some comedy. Each team representative did their best to make us laugh. It really was an eventful and beautiful day which ended with smiles. We look forward to tomorrow as the fun and activities continues.




Day 1



Courageous is “ possessing or displaying courage” where courage is “the quality of spirit that enables you face danger or pain without showing fear.” So how do you say courageous?
Courageous | Igboya | Obi Ike | onígboyà | mai tatare da karfin hali| courageux | Tunaomba | mutig|  勇敢 Yǒnggǎn |

Whichever language we choose to say courageous, we should know that in times like these Nigeria needs to build moral consciousness, develop young leaders willing to create change and a generation willing enough to dare the impossible; they need just one thing to transform words and theories into action: COURAGE.

For these next seven (7) days, Activate Youth Camp (AYC) 2016 will gather champions from across Nigeria to transform their views of life and challenge them to positively face every difficulty on their way to success “courageously” to achieve excellence.

As they arrive, we see teenagers desiring success, parents needing transformation and mentors(including facilitators) filled with passion to be vanguards in making this happen.

Campers and parents success stories from last year has showed the AYC vision is effective and this has driven us to improve every year more than the previous. A peek into what you’ll experience in the “courageous” journey with us whether you are at home or here on camp at AYC’16:

Today was team bonding! It was so lovely to see old attendees reunite with friends and new campers adapting to the atmosphere and making new friends; but this is just the tip of the iceberg of many more great moments to happen on camp. The rest of the week will see us begin with morning fitness drills, skills and development classes from renowned Nigerian entrepreneurs.



Kikelomo Omooba, The Convener, AYC
I am so excited about this edition of AYC, the previous editions of AYC truly brought about transformation in the lives of participants. From the first  AYC tagged ‘I have it in me’, to the second ‘I am aware’ and the third ‘The Awakening’, the objective has been to help teens discover and expose the potentials deposited on their inside. This edition takes all the earlier learning to a whole new action-packed level themed ‘The Courageous’!

Have you ever wondered why you still find it difficult to ‘think right and fast, talk, walk and act right’ at school or at home even when you know within you that these are what you should be doing? Well, that’s why this edition has been put together.

The camp this year promises to activate you into bravery to act according to your convictions and beliefs especially in the face of pressure and criticism and help you to become a fearless and action-taking champion you were meant to be. All that is needed is your determination and we are ready to roll!
So fellow champions, it’s time to buckle up, fasten your seat belt and brace yourself to conquer those difficulties, pain, barrier without fear! And trust me when I say the facilitators, mentors and oh mine!….the activities this year are just what you need, together with the right state of mind.

I’ll see you in camp

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From the girl they called “Shy” … So hard to say GOODBYE

Wow! And so its the end of AYC’15.
This week has been wonderful, so many benefits. Conquered my shyness, found out I am a good writer, really worth it! I have no regrets that I came here because I have achieved a lot of great things. I am going to miss every new person I met here, all the mentors and the facilitators.
God bless the convener of Activate Youth Camp, Mrs Kikelomo Omooba for helping me awaken the giant in me.

Adekunle Anita
Camper, AYC’ 15


       “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

  • The Faithfulness of God and the Potency of God’s word: AYC 2015 was a proof of God’s faithfulness. “Great results are not always a function of your great Faith but always a function of His great Grace”. God really showed himself beyond our imagination. God gave us a Word early this year that there will be an announcement of Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative, we didn’t know how it was going to be but we were certain that faithful is He who has promised. The same God who started the good work, remained faithful to perfect it! God gave us cheap publicity even though we couldn’t afford to pay for media coverage; the First Lady accepted our Invite as the Keynote Speaker  and she came with her media crew for the opening ceremony. And guess what,  the news was all over the place; TV Stations, Radio Stations , Print, electronic and even the new media 
  • The Goodness of God: God is summum bonum, the chiefest good. We enjoyed the goodness of God immeasurably during AYC 2015. At every point and from different angles, God made a way. We had believed we would get sponsorships from corporate organisations but most of them disappointed at the very last minute but the good God raised help for us from strange places. “He called the ravenous bird from the East and the man that would execute his counsel from a far country”. We enjoyed Soteria… all round provision.
  • The Power of Vision: We knew what we wanted for AYC 2015, we had goals and expectations, we communicated it to our facilitators and volunteers which they understood so well and we were able to meet and exceed our expectations. “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world”.
  • The Power of Strategic and Intelligent Planning: “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Plans for AYC 2015 started way back, it wasn’t just the regular planning, it was a strategic one which was based on some Project Management Principles. We identified our stakeholders, designed our Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Communication Channels etc. No wonder it was a great success!
  • The Power of Relationships: People are the most important asset for any successful project. Our volunteers and facilitators are people in our networks; some we have worked with before and others we worked with for the first time on camp, some I didn’t even know have a lot to offer. For instance, the Graphics designer was my classmate in the University and I didn’t know he does graphics so well until he signed up to be a volunteer on AYC and he did a fantastic job for us.
  • The Power of Creativity/ Creative People: “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” I saw real creativity in action during AYC 2015, this was displayed more by the Media team; the Graphics guy, the Picture and Video editor, the Photographers, the Projector guy etc. Everyone performed beyond expectation which really helped us to achieve our goals.
  • The Power of Good Leadership: Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. We realised that we could not do a lot of things on our own so we set up Project Teams, each unit had a Team lead who oversaw their affairs. With this, we were able to focus on other aspects of the camp.
  • The Power of Delegation: “If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” This I learnt very well from the Media Team, their team was the largest and everyone had a role to play. Their work was broken down and roles were effectively delegated to the volunteers. Everyone knew what to do and they did it effectively well.
  • The Power of Team Work: Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team”. This again I really learnt from the media team. Their coordination was superb, we could see the result on our social media updates. We had regular uploads of pictures, tweets and posts on facebook and instagram. Even people who were not on camp knew all that happened on camp.
  • The Power of Thanksgiving: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings”. At a point, we stopped praying for our needs, we started thanking God for those things we have seen and those not seen, we called forth those things that be not as though they were and they actually became.
‘Tinuke Ladele
Project Manager


To God be the glory, the 7-day 2015 edition of Activate Youth Camp finally comes to an end. The journey through this period has been totally impactful, as young minds have been equipped, empowered and encouraged to get the best from life. This can be proven going by the testimony of the campers.
There was a photo session for virtually all campers, and mentors inclusive. The atmosphere during the photo shooting was so bright and colourful. Mentors used the opportunity to further interact and take photographs with the campers. It was really fun-filled.

However, Mrs. Kikelomo Omooba, Convener of AYC ’15, took her time to admonish the campers to be good ambassadors by always thinking right, acting right, living right, and putting God first in their endeavours. Campers who proved to be outstanding in one area or the other during the camp experience were rewarded with gifts with a view to further encourage and challenge them and their peers.
Then came the torrents of emotions, as parents started trickling in for their children. Undoubtedly, these children have had one of the best times of their lives in the past 7 days of AYC ’15. Many of them could not hold it together, as they busted into tears.
After the campers had departed, the convener had a brief meeting with the mentors to appraise and evaluate the success of AYC ’15. The mentors and volunteers were commended for contributing their time, skills and expertise towards a better life for the coming generation and encouraged to be a part of AYC 2016.

More photographs  were taken, and contact details were exchanged. Indeed, it’s been a memorable experience for all.


“I am fulfilled because I now know the real me in me, and I now know God’s plan for my life”
On the very first day I got to AYC, I felt unimportant because a lot of the people there chose friends according to their class and taste, which made me feel isolated.
But right now, Activate Youth Camp has really inspired me academically, physically, economically, mentally, with the help of the mentors and facilitators.
The aspect I enjoyed most is the skills and sport sessions. I chose to be in the Bead Making Class for the skills session and Aerobics for the sport session. I met lots of friends from different backgrounds and social classes, and I did not feel inferior to them anymore.
For the 7 days of AYC 2015, I looked forward to something great, which I got. I learnt a lot of things that will help me to be focused in my aspirations.
My special thanks to the Convener, Mrs. Kikelomo Omooba, and also to the sponsors and partners of AYC 2015. I am fulfilled because I now know the real me in me, and I now know God’s plan for my life.
By the grace of God, I will ensure I come for the AYC 2016.

AYC 15 Camper