The journey started in 2013 when Activate Youth Camp set the pace to bring teenagers across the country together for a summer break of a lifetime. From the get go, AYC taught teenagers to tell the world “I Have It In Me”. This self-affirmation led to the development of “Leadership From Within” in 2014 and by 2015 we led a clarion call to “The Awakening” of giants to stand tall and ready to face life challenges and be “Courageous” throughout 2016. By 2017, we deviated from the norm by being “Divergent” and the results of this status quo shift led our teenagers to lead an “Ingenious” life in 2018.

This year, with the theme “Convergence” we are bringing it all together. We will be harnessing our collective strength and successes over the past 7 years to create an energy fusion launching us into the next 7 years of transformation, rebuilding and reshaping our nation for greatness through the teenagers (“Champions” as referred to in camp) that are coming through the doors of Activate Youth Camp.

A brain child of Pastor (Mrs.) Kikelomo Omooba, AYC has attracted top ranking and highly successful global Nigerians from academia, government, international organisations, corporate/private world, Music and entertainment to share experiences, mentor and have down-to-earth interactions with the Champions.

Over the years, our champions have transformed into great mentors; our mentors  have gone on to be global achievers and the positive feedback from parents, guardians, sponsors and partners have continued to inspire us to be better

At the close of arrivals today, we have 280 teenagers, 16 facilitators and 40 mentors/interns and kicked off the day with a session on Focus through Photography by the ace photographer Modamo followed by Champ Rotimi Adeaga where campers were made to introduce themselves to and make 5 new friends.

To round up, she shared a breakdown of schedules for the week, camp guidelines and code of conducts to be followed by all.

Now, all is set as we are bringing it all together at Activate Youth Camp 2019.

Follow us on this journey for the next 7 days of impact at as we begin this journey of guided learning and for the 7th year in row, join us in our Champions Creed:

I will think right

Think fast

Talk right

Walk Right

Act Right and Live Right

Because I am Champion

Thank you Lord For Perfecting All That Concerns Me

I Am Aware I Have It In Me

I Am A Champion