Rotimi Adeaga (Mrs)

Hi Guys,
It’s great to be here with you at Camp Activate. I am Rotimi Adeaga (Mrs) and I know how much teenagers love to have fun which is why I stated an organisation called BACKDOOR CONNECTIONS, an organisation for teenagers like you. We know that your teen years are very precious and should be enjoyable but then there can be some unexpected turns and twist.
Prior to setting up BACKDOOR CONNECTIONS, I’d been involved with Teens work for over fifteen years while I worked in the corporate sector. I believe the teenage year should not be lost to troubles of early pregnancies, drug and all the other vices but should be a time of exploring, adventure, freedom and fun. There is a lot to learn though so that there is a good foundation for adulthood.
I am graduate of Accounting an alumnus of Business School, Netherlands where I got my MBA degree and attended later Fate Foundation to acquire entrepreneurial skills. I am also a mother of many children but have two boys biologically.

BACKDOOR CONNECTIONS will guarantee a lot of learning and value that you need at the camp but trust me it will be a lot of unusual fun!
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