Olukemi Sowemimo

Hello children,
My name is Olukemi Sowemimo. I have a passion for good manners, respect, integrity and civility. I love helping people, especially children to learn the fundamental basics of etiquette and manners and how it is tied to their future success. I particularly love to impact the lives of teenagers and young adults with this knowledge, such that it will bring about a positive change in the society.
I love to teach children the importance of respecting and valuing people, being considerate, life and social skills, living a life of absolute integrity, because it has the capacity of opening doors that education may not open. This knowledge also equips them for adulthood and for career.
I also believe that when etiquette and good manners is embraced by everyone, we will have a friendlier society that is cordial, polite and that enables the people to dream and reach their full potentials without fear or hindrance.

In the end, the children grow to become self assured, confident adults who exhibit remarkable manners and etiquette, having acquired the appropriate skills to succeed. 
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