Theophilus Emmanuel

I am Theophilus Emmanuel. People who don’t know me very well simply call me “MOdAMO”.

I am a photographer.

Before turning to photography as a career, I was a graduate of computer science and Economics who was somehow always involved in visual arts and communications.

I studied Photography at the New York Institute of Photography over a decade ago, and have been “practicing” ever since.

Photography provides me with the opportunity to travel to many places I would ordinarily never go to, and to meet loads of wonderful, strange, interesting and colorful people.

I guess you could say that Photography is my “Passport to the World”!

During this Summer Camp, students in my class would learn how to create images that capture the mind, emotion and imaginations of the viewers. During our time together, you will learn how to take pictures that make people go, “WOW!”

Don’t miss it!

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