Theophilus Emmanuel

I am Theophilus Emmanuel. People who don’t know me very well simply call me “MOdAMO”.

I am a photographer.

Before turning to photography as a career, I was a graduate of computer science and Economics who was somehow always involved in visual arts and communications.

I studied Photography at the New York Institute of Photography over a decade ago, and have been “practicing” ever since.

Photography provides me with the opportunity to travel to many places I would ordinarily never go to, and to meet loads of wonderful, strange, interesting and colorful people.

I guess you could say that Photography is my “Passport to the World”!

During this Summer Camp, students in my class would learn how to create images that capture the mind, emotion and imaginations of the viewers. During our time together, you will learn how to take pictures that make people go, “WOW!”

Don’t miss it!

Ruth Goma

My name is Ruth Goma. I am a Life Coach and a Psychologist. I am a Co-founder and Head of training for Schools Consult, an Organization that trains teachers to impact and inspire youths to work towards their dreams. As a Developmental Psychologist I research on works and studies to proffer solutions for human’s physical and cognitive developmental defects from conception to old age. I am an avid reader and therefore very interested in the reading culture of the Nigerian child as I know without a doubt that reading helps to develop the mind/cognitive abilities especially of youths. I oversee a number of book clubs that I initiated in several schools. Every young person I coach is a champion!!! So we will be calling our selves CHAMP in the camp. Don’t forget this!!
For the youth Activate camp in July 28-3 August, I will be doing a lot of leisure reading with interested champions as well as doing very practical experiments with all interested champions on how to master their emotions with the aim of developing their dreams into workable reality.

Laja Shoniran

Hi everyone
My name is Laja Shoniran, the project Director of Teach Children To Save Initiative
I am going to activate your ability to Earn, Save and Give more money so you can become  financially literate and Successful
Warm Regards,

Olukemi Sowemimo

Hello children,
My name is Olukemi Sowemimo. I have a passion for good manners, respect, integrity and civility. I love helping people, especially children to learn the fundamental basics of etiquette and manners and how it is tied to their future success. I particularly love to impact the lives of teenagers and young adults with this knowledge, such that it will bring about a positive change in the society.
I love to teach children the importance of respecting and valuing people, being considerate, life and social skills, living a life of absolute integrity, because it has the capacity of opening doors that education may not open. This knowledge also equips them for adulthood and for career.
I also believe that when etiquette and good manners is embraced by everyone, we will have a friendlier society that is cordial, polite and that enables the people to dream and reach their full potentials without fear or hindrance.

In the end, the children grow to become self assured, confident adults who exhibit remarkable manners and etiquette, having acquired the appropriate skills to succeed. 

Bukola Adenuga

Hello girls,
My name is Bukola Adenuga.  I am an entrepreneur in hand crafted fashion accessories.  I love to teach children (girls in particular) how to make fashion accessories. I absolutely love teenage girls because I see such budding greatness in them. I’m glad to let you know that I have a teenage daughter in whom I see this budding greatness too. I look forward to spending time with you guys talking about who we are.

Bukky Shonibare

                                                                                            Hello great minds,
I am aunty Bukky Shonibare and I will be at this year’s ACTIVATE YOUTH CAMP where we will have fun as we learn VISIONING AND GOAL SETTING.  You will learn the meaning of Vision and Goals, why you should set goals, what to do after you have set goals, possible hindrances to goals and how you can overcome them, and so much more.
I am the Group CEO of “The 555 Group” owners of 555 Consulting Limited (Human Resource Management and Strategy);555 Foods (owners of ‘Beans City’ – a beans-only restaurant); 555 Academy (HR and Entrepreneurship School); and 555 Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility aimed at fulfilling “The PAPS Goal” of Promoting Entrepreneurship, Alleviating Poverty, Provoking Social Change, and Strengthening Employability Skills). 
I can be reached via Email:; Facebook: bukky.shonibare; and Twitter: @bukkyshonibare.
I look forward to having an exciting and educating time with you.

Rotimi Adeaga (Mrs)

Hi Guys,
It’s great to be here with you at Camp Activate. I am Rotimi Adeaga (Mrs) and I know how much teenagers love to have fun which is why I stated an organisation called BACKDOOR CONNECTIONS, an organisation for teenagers like you. We know that your teen years are very precious and should be enjoyable but then there can be some unexpected turns and twist.
Prior to setting up BACKDOOR CONNECTIONS, I’d been involved with Teens work for over fifteen years while I worked in the corporate sector. I believe the teenage year should not be lost to troubles of early pregnancies, drug and all the other vices but should be a time of exploring, adventure, freedom and fun. There is a lot to learn though so that there is a good foundation for adulthood.
I am graduate of Accounting an alumnus of Business School, Netherlands where I got my MBA degree and attended later Fate Foundation to acquire entrepreneurial skills. I am also a mother of many children but have two boys biologically.

BACKDOOR CONNECTIONS will guarantee a lot of learning and value that you need at the camp but trust me it will be a lot of unusual fun!

My names are Eyiyemi Olivia Rogbinyin. I am an architect by training and by that I mean that’s what I got my university degree in.

I am a tailor/dressmaker and that’s how I make my living. I run Eyiyemi Olivia Nigeria Limited. I looooove God, food(both eating and cooking) music, singing, baking and tailoring.
I would love to pass on my love for tailoring with a few extra tips on structuring and running a small business growing global.
Can’t wait to meet you all

I am Coach samOBAFEMI. I am an Expert of Emotional Intelligence and I am also a practising Life Coach. (I will explain what these mean when we meet in Camp 😉 )

I am also a Teacher, Counsellor, Friend and I love to Listen. I will make plenty of room for you at Camp Activate so that you can learn how to express yourself, control yourself and develop yourself.

Together, we will learn to accommodate people of varying mindsets as well as learn to challenge our limiting beliefs.

… so see you soon and may God help us. Amen.

Annies Place

To be the foremost institute providing a comprehensive development of children, infant–18 years, in Nigeria. To reach every child with God’s love impacting the Total child – spirit, soul & body

We are set to EQUIP teachers and parents with the tools required to function better. We look to EMPOWER the child to attain their God-given potentials with training and coaching in all areas of personal development. To make a difference in the world of children ministry, we ENCOURAGE partnerships and development in the child development sector.

Safety– that all should be done to keep children safe from all dangers.
Love & Care – that all children deserve the highest levels of love and care.
Quality & Excellence – excellence in all our programmes and services.
Partnership – between parents, care givers, corporate bodies, government & other child development institutions

Annie’s Place currently provides services in training, development and empowerment of ministers/teachers/ instructors of children. Annie’s Place look to provide a quality childcare facility at a very low cost for the children of market women around the major markets within the Lagos metropolitan and low income earners. The center looks to provide a Safe, secure and loving environment for the child under age 5, while helping the young mother focus in building her enterprise.

This project is focused to help the child build a solid foundation through social, physical, mental, emotional, academic experiences.

We are:

* Totally committed to equip, empower and encourage leaders in children’s ministry.

* To create an opportunity for the children of market women and pregnant teenage girls to have access to quality childcare while developing a solid education foundation and to give the market women the opportunity to concentrate and grow their enterprise.

* To lay the foundation of proper psychological development of the young child;

Our overall objective is to reach every child with the Love of God, creating an impact in their Spirit, soul and body, affecting the total child.

Annie’s Place has set itself the task of providing support services in key aspects of children’s ministry.

Established in 2006, Annie’s Place offer training, seminars and Conferences in different aspects of children’s ministry. This trainings/Conferences are done within the framework of partnerships, using relevant and effective training resources, and backed by dedicated prayer. 

Kikelomo Omooba

Kikelomo Omooba has a passion for Children and the Youths,
reaching out to them and blessing them.
Though a Human Nutritionist and Dietician, she has worked as an Administrator for most  of her working years. She sets her eyes on building great business enterprises all channelled towards empowering younger generations, encouraging them and helping them to appreciate the ‘process’ rather than the proceeds of success.
Kikelomo’s work experience spans over 15 years of professionalism,  commencing as a Customer Care Executive at Executive Insurance Ltd then she worked at the Lagos State Health Management Board as a Trainee Dietician. After this, her services were rendered as an Administrator for the Health Unit of the United States Consulate General, Lagos from where she proceeded on a 2-Year Study Leave to the USA. She later worked as an Administrator at the Health Unit of the British Deputy High Commission. Kike recently resigned her appointment with Homble Energy Services Ltd where she was Manager, Corporate Services.
She is now a full time Managing Partner/Executive Director, Annie’s Place; a Children & Youths Development Initiative.
A Graduate of The University of Agriculture in Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Kike has gone on to acquire  higher qualifications including Certificates in Communication & Administration from the Foreign Service Institute, Virginia USA; a Diploma in Child Day Care Management from the Penn Foster Career School, USA; a  Diploma in Children Ministry, Rhema Bible Training Centre, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.
Alongside the daunting task of being a Managing Partner, Annie’s Place, Kikelomo pastors Christ Lovers Christian Centre, Ikeja. Lagos with her lovely Husband, Segun. They are  blessed with Three (3) Boys.