“Activate Youth Camp’’ is a 7-day residential personal development program for students JSS1-SS2. Activate Camp is focused on building support networks for the participants through friendship and trust. Through self-belief, self-respect, a positive attitude and motivation, the participants will develop and harness methods, tools and skills to counter the challenges faced by today’s youth and basic personal, social and skills to deal with future challenges
During these 7 days, the students will participate in team building activities, as well as attend various sessions and presentations on youth related issues and skill acquisition awareness. They will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the program. Activate youth Camp will provide its participants with a supportive environment to grow and develop. All participants learn and benefit from the camp in their own unique way.
The Activate Youth Camp is targeted towards the children in our public schools but not limited to them.
Activate Youth Camp, The Personal Development Camp helps youth to acquire Essential Life Skills.  Our approach in achieving these set of goals is to organize the youth camps and vacation programs to impart valuable skills through interactive and practical sessions and also give them the opportunity to meet with prominent and reputable people (role models) who are willing to impact this knowledge in them.
Our base objective is to awaken the hidden potentials in each of the participants hence our sign off “I have it in me”
During the camp, there will be 5 segments as listed below:
·         General Training Session – Addressing Leadership topics for personal development
·         Adventure to reinforce the skills learnt during Genera Training sessions
·         Sports to further teach on the life skills
·         Skills; giving them opportunity to explore a skill and begin the entrepreneurial spirit
·         Entertainment: Talents will be identified in the following areas- Drama, Music, Dance, Comedy & Poetry
This camp is aimed at provoking the Total development of the Nigerian Youth. Also activating the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Young Nigerian, which is complementary to the Formal Degrees that they are, sometimes, compelled to obtain from tertiary institutions and also enhance their outlook to life vis-à-vis the realities obtainable in life.
Participants will immediately enjoy:
1.      A Spirit of Enterprise, which has proven to be indispensable and crucial to the life of every adult in our dispensation.
2.      A Paradigm Shift, achieved from the interaction with Professionals in the Faculties and Skill Schools. These Professionals primarily have academic degrees in disciplines that are not related to their current Vocations. This value is key for the Participants to understand.
3.      Social Interaction: the targeted head count for this camp is 200 Children from classes JSS 1 to SS2. This exposes each participant to another capacity of interaction and social networking.
4.      Spiritual Guidance: primarily, this camp is guided by a Christian (Biblical) Standard and therefore, the participants will be taken through basic principles of godliness, Christian values and the responsibility of Christian lifestyles.
5.      Cognitive/Logical Empowerment: As a result of the pseudo-academic modules that will be expounded in the Camp, the participants will be helped towards learning how to adapt academics to life, apply academics to social and enhance their capacity to grow.
Having worked with Children of various age brackets (including Teenagers and Adolescents), we are confident that the campers will find this camp experience impactful and leading to a life of commitment and growth.
Activate Youth Camp is a brain child of Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative, a non-governmental organization set out to providing a comprehensive development of children up to age 18, reaching each child with the Love of God thereby impacting the total child.
At Annie’s Place, We look to EMPOWER the child to attain their God-given potentials with training and coaching in all areas of personal development. To make a difference in the world of children and Youth Development, we ENCOURAGE community partnerships in the child development sector.
Please contact our representative, Atinuke, on campactivate@anniesplace.org 0818 344 1181, 0817 200 1217

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