“Activate Youth Camp’’ is a 7-day residential personal development program for students JSS1-SS3. Activate Camp is focused on building support networks for the participants through friendship, trust, self-belief, self-respect, a positive attitude and motivation. The participants will develop and harness methods, tools and crafts to counter the challenges faced by today’s youth. Furthermore, basic personal and social skills necessary to deal with future challenges are acquired.

For one week this summer, young, secondary school-aged boys and girls will gather in Lagos for the second edition of the #ActivateYouthCamp hosted by Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative to reinforce a solid foundation for our youth as it is imperative to equip our youths for future leadership roles.

The Activate Youth Camp” is an opportunity for young people to learn about leadership and how they can become better people in an environment of love, friendship and care from seasoned leaders and mentors in the society. The camp affords young people the best opportunity to develop skills that will be needed in life, especially for those who will soon be graduating from the secondary school. What most young people fail to grasp is that they have a lot to offer to their families and their community and this is caused by negative stereotypes and a lack of good role models. The Activate Youth Camp will help them “step up” to a better life because we believe and are convinced they have it in them.

Activate Youth Camp started a year ago with 120 participants and the theme was “I Have It in Me” which also doubles as the motto of the camp. The camp is the brain child of Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative, a national center funded, in part, through grants from well-meaning individuals in the society. The purpose of the camp is to encourage young people to see the value of the potentials in them and awaken it, and also urge them to prepare now for a rewarding future.

Our second edition will hold between Sunday 27th of July and 2nd of August 2014 during which young people will be equipped with the knowledge and practical experience on Leadership related topics. This we believe will help reinforce a solid foundation for our youths, as it is imperative to equip young youths for future roles- OUR FUTURE LEADERS.

During these 7 days, the students will participate in team building activities, as well as attend various sessions and presentations on youth related issues and skill acquisition awareness. They will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the program. Activate youth Camp will provide its participants with a supportive environment to grow and develop. All participants learn and benefit from the camp in their own unique way.

The Activate Youth Camp is targeted towards the children in our public schools but not limited to them.
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