Finally #ActivateYouthCamp 2014 begins

Finally the second edition of Activate Youth Camp tagged “Leadership from Within” started off on Sunday 27th July 2014 with the arrival of our wonderful participants from the over sixty (60) public and private secondary schools in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states of Nigeria. The look of curiosity and excitement on the faces of the teens as they made way to the four registration desks bearing the colours of the teams Amber, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. At the desks, each teen was given a branded school bag, an identification card, a pen, writing materials and two branded t-shirts. Immediately after the confirmation of registration the participants were allowed to bond with their peers from other schools so as to make new friends. Mentor Oluwaseun aka Mr. D engaged the teens with an icebreaker that enabled each teen to know the persons sitting on their left and right. The camp ground rules was read out to the teens after which lunch was served.

The first session of the day was on Personal Safety by Mr. Taiwo Akinlanmi, a social empowerment advocate, child protection thinker and advocate. Personal Safety according to Mr. Akinlanmi is about how you protect yourself from harm and it is important for teens to protect themselves because sometimes those saddled with the responsibility become the abusers. The two laws of self-protection are 1. Be vigilante 2. You are a person of value. The teens were encouraged to pay attention to the kind of songs they listen to , the nature of people they associate with and know at all times that the opinion of others rank least in their life journey.

Mrs. Olukemi Sowemimo took the next session on Tact and Discretion. She defined a skill as the ability to do or learn something and tact is the ability to put other people’s feelings into consideration before doing or saying anything. Life skills like empathy, listening, money management, and self-management are needed to deal with the challenges that living brings. Life skills help us to move from childhood to adulthood as you learn how to maintain good relationship with the people around you.

Dinner was provided for by Dangote Foods Limited and the teens learnt the Champions Creed:

                        I will think right

                        Think fast

                        Talk right

                        Act right

                        Live right

                        Because I am a champion

                        Thank you Lord for perfecting all that concerns me

                        Am aware

                        I have it in me

                        I am a champion


             Lights out!!!!!

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