The fun learning on Day 3 began with the morning drilling exercise to activate campers for the activities of the day before moving to the hall for team meetings where team members had dance rehearsals from an in-house troupe and instructor chosen within themselves then proceeded to share knowledge on what was learnt from the  previous day skills sessions. 
The first general session was led by Mrs Ifunanya Onuh of the Etiquette Place on Teenage etiquette. Her first question; “Teenagers who are perceived as good looking and attractive perform better in class than those who are not. True or false?” stroked a conversation from the children to defend this stereotype. She summarised her etiquette session with the following key points;
  1. OUTER SELF:  dress sense, comportment, body language and manner of speaking.
  2. INNER SELF: Character, Confidence, feeling of self worth and values we assign to ourselves.
The following session was the ‘Skills learning’. 
Dance class perfected the seven steps choreography and learnt how to dance “Onyeoma”; Tailoring class learnt how to make skirts and the shoe making class did some practice from yesterday’s theory into shoes and also learnt the fact that a shoemaker’s hammer is lighter than a carpenters hammer. Make-up class transformed normal faces into beauties like models amongst themselves while the crème de la crème of today’s skills is the Adire and Batik class which started today and successfully complete designing beautiful wrappers.
On the Journey of Guided Learning, Mrs. Susan Oyemade taught the children on “You are the Architect of your Life”. She urged the children to imagine their future, find skills necessary to improve and put it to practice; immediately a child saw herself as a musician and came out to render a song with her sonorous voice. Upon ending her session, she gave them all an assessment to help identify where they are now, where they want to be and actions to help them reach their goals after which all the participants stood up to sing R-Kelly’s “I Believe I can fly”.
These inspired moods were transferred to the field for the adventure series and sports where everybody had so much fun. 
The final session was on dance with Mr. Segun Lawal who enlightened participants that every dance has a message, being unique breeds’ excellence and dance is important to life and to God.  Every team presented a dance performance and He judged the dance performance based on different parameters. Third place Team Emerald, Runners-up Team Opal and winners are Team Jasper!!! The Campers celebrated July birthday celebrants with a sonorous “Happy Birthday” song and sumptuous cake.

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