Whatever you think of, whatever you imagine, you can achieve – Nancy Isime

Day 5 started with the usual morning drills for all the campers and mentors at about 5:45a.m. This is to help everyone stretch their body and prepare them for the activities of the day.
The six teams on camp had a meeting after their breakfast. During the meeting, the mentors in each team commended the children for their performance at the Dance Night the previous day, and for giving their best in the contests so far. They further encouraged them not to relent in giving nothing but their best in subsequent endeavour. Afterwards, the children were informed of the tasks ahead of them for the day. The tasks were ‘action at home presentation and drama night presentation’. This made it imperative for all the teams to rehearse and prepare themselves.
The general session was facilitated by Timon Oviawe, an I.T Expert. He took the campers through the topic: ‘Be the best you can be’. Before commencement on the topic, he asked them to write their dream aspiration at the top of their note, and what might impede them from getting there. He shared inspirational stories and then urged the campers to write a letter to themselves in their future, congratulating themselves for what they have become in ten years time. It was inspiring to hear what the children wrote when being called out to read their letters. He advised them to value their potentials and build a solid foundation for the future using the 4Ds: Determination; Dedication; Discipline; Diligence.
The DAY 5 skills session were indeed educative for participants in all the classes, as the children and mentors continued from where they stopped the previous day. The breakdowns of the activities are highlighted as follows: 
T-shirt Production Class: The participants in this class designed t-shirts by themselves, using ink and mesh
Bead-Making Class: The participants in this class made bracelets with crystal beads, and were also taught the processes involved in making earrings.
Tailoring Class: The participants in this class continued from where they stopped in the previous sessions on simple skirt making. They were able to make skirt for themselves, using brown papers.
Shoe Making Class: The participants in this class added stealth designs to the shoes made in the previous days.
Batik and Adire Class: The participants in this class did something enticing by exploring their acquired skills to make designs for mentors and facilitators.
Dance Class: The participants in the dance class were introduced to Salsa dance in groups. It was so captivating.
Photography Class: The participants in this class were in the hall to view pictures of camp activities taken previously, and their performances were evaluated by the facilitator.
Arts and Crafts Class: The participants in this class completed the previous day’s work and did the finishing using spray.
All very enriching for the participants.
The DAY 5 ‘Journey of Guided Learning’ was facilitated by Mrs. Okunnu, a seasoned Lawyer, who challenged the Campers on the importance of discipline and decorum. She explained the idiom “the shortest way is not always the quickest way home” using her life experiences. In rounding up her session she charged everyone to be all they can be without losing focus. She ended it with Lighthouse Family’s hit track; ‘I Wish’. The audience were thrilled! 
We live in a world that is challenged with numerous problems. Thus, the urgent need to start proffering workable solutions to these problems. With the crop of young adults opportune to be at AYC ’15, the zeal to tackle these problems head-on has been triggered in the campers. The teams moved on to present their call to action on global issues affecting their immediate community. Teams Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald did presentations on ‘Cultism’; Team Jasper presented on ‘Same Sex Marriage’; Team Opal dealt with the issue of ‘Child Neglect’; and Team Amber discussed about ‘Corruption’. This session was indeed thought-provoking for the audience, as mentors also learnt something new.
The sporting activities were a bit different from the previous ones, as campers and mentors played together as teams. The activities included outdoor games (football, basketball) and indoor games (scrabble, tennis, chess etc.). Indeed, it was a delight!
After stretching muscles, campers and mentors converged in the main camp hall for the final sessions of the day. The session was facilitated by Mrs. Abiola Segun-Williams, an Entertainment Expert. She shed light on issues pertaining to entertainment and drama, especially in Nigeria. She shared stories about her successes, challenges, academics and relationship with God. At the end, she admonished the campers on the essence of building a successful career, and how best to go about it. 

The night was agog once again with the drama performance of all the teams. They acted stories on diverse topics that directly affect them. Everyone was delighted to welcome Nancy Isime, a Presenter of Project Fame West Africa. She was thrilled with the children’s Stage performances and did not hesitate to promise them her support in acting, should there be any opportunity anytime soon.. Before leaving the stage, Nancy shared a bit of her story to encourage the campers on the likely challenges they might face on the road to success. The night was brought to an end with group photographs and autograph signing by Nancy for virtually all the campers. It was really a night to remember. 
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