“I realised my weakness and vowed to Adjust”

Wow, like seriously!! Activate Youth Camp has been a great influence coupled with a huge blessing in my life as a result of meeting with facilitators, interactions with my fellow mentors, and campers.
Actually, I came here as a mentor, but I came to realise my weaknesses and how I can be a better person. Through the teachings and exposure I have received, I have learnt to live right and do things properly.
I have seen things which have convinced me. I have interacted with different people with different personality, but at this juncture, I can say I have met with the right people who have changed my perception about life. Glory be to God!
 Please if you are out there reading this, Activate Youth Camp 2016 is a place you should be, to discover your true self and understand who you really are.
Thank you.

AYC’15 Mentor
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