Day One- The Experience, the Engagement and the Empowerment

Welcome to Activate Youth Camp 2015 Day One- The Experience, the Engagement and the Empowerment
Some 300 youths signed in, an increase from 200 last year and their learning experience started from the check-in desk where campers carried their bags themselves and chose a specific skill to learn for the period of the camp from a range of Batik/Adire making, Tailoring, T-shirt production, Make-up, Photography, Dance and Knitting

Do you know what happens when the person sitting next to you is a stranger? Don’t guess. At Activate Youth Camp 2015, it was simply impossible to be seated next to a stranger as participants were geared by Ms Mosun Dosunmu from Health Services to get to know at least five new names and make five new friends before beginning her health and safety session. Now ask yourself what happens when everyone sitting next to me is my friend? Ms Dosunmu kick started the day’s session training the campers on health and safety; on how they should control their interactions at home, on a visit and on camp.

Mrs Ruth Goma built on the foundation to charge the participants with the champions guide and creed.  Which states:  
“Finally champions, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are lovely and whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things”
“I will think right, think fast, talk right, walk right, act right and live right because I am a Champion, thank you Lord for perfecting all that concern me.”
To increase the fun and inspirational atmosphere, Mr Kola Oyeyemi took the campers on a “a Journey to guided learning” prompting the kids to look beyond their current limitations and see the big picture in their lives. Questions arose from the participants one of which was “you told us to look beyond our present to the future, and it’s a popular saying that as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it… what should we do? And the inspirational Kola Oyeyemi refered him to the Bible saying “…My grace is sufficient for you…

The peak of sessions were “words of encouragement, empowerment and  enlightenment” by the ever passionate Child protection consultant and activist Mr Taiwo Akinlami who allowed the inspirations flow freely from his wealth of knowledge and captivated the participants.

Upon his closing, one of the kids delivered a stunning vote of thanks but words were not sufficient as he urged everyone to give a standing ovation to Mr Taiwo for his session which will no doubt change their lives forever.

Finally, all mentors/volunteers introduced themselves as the participants echoed after them.
You cannot beat the experience, the engagement and the empowerment of Activate Youth Camp 2015; and this is just day one. 6 more days of fun, learning and impact to go.
Take home for Day One
Develop the attitude of always talking to your parents
Be careful with strangers
If you are going somewhere, ask.
Before you talk, think.
Eat healthy and wisely
At every level, there is a follower and every follower will one day become a leader
Appreciate the beauty God created in you
No matter your background, aim higher
Respect the God-factor and your parents
Read and study
To bring about change… start from yourself.

Bedtime, Lights out. Day Two Starts in a bit!

ACTIVATE YOUTH CAMP 2015 – Mentors In The House

Mentors In The House
It is Saturday and Activate Youth Camp 2015 themed “the Awakening” is going to be like never before. For a start, we had to do some unpacking, fixing and bonding until the doors opened for volunteers and staff training with two training sessions. The first was “Listening” by Champ Ruth Goma to prepare the volunteers in the art and act of listening. The second session was a combo of knowledge on child protection rights/policy and inspiration for volunteers.
On Listening, Champ Ruth defined it as a process of paying rapt attention to an individual; it also involves receiving and constructing what is verbal and non-verbal to make right judgment. Highlighting the principles of listening she stated:
  • Be quiet
  • Prepare yourself to listen
  • Put your speakers at ease
  • Remove distractions
  • Empathise and try to understand the other person’s stand point
  • Avoid prejudice
  • Listen to the tone
  • Be patient
  • Listen for ideas
  • Wait and watch for action
In rounding, volunteers and staff were urged to debunk common listening misconceptions which are:
  • It is difficult to listen
  • I am a natural listener
  • Intelligent people listen more
  • Hearing is the same as listening
  • Gender affects listening.
The atmosphere was on high when Champ Ruth rounded her session and assured the barriers to effective listening can be  eliminated one child at a time if we listen more, not multi-task or pre-occupied with other thoughts and dedicate our time to the kids.
In the second session, Taiwo Akinlami (a Child Protection specialist) enlightened the volunteers on the need to understand child protection policies and protecting the children against Physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and emotional abuse through sharing life stories. He defined a child as “a person between the ages of 0-18 or an adult who acts as a child”. The child is protected under four rings which are:
  • The family
  • The community (where volunteers and staff are categorized)
  • The state
  • The international community
He summarised the meaning of CHILDREN to mean:
C – Care
H – Heritage
I – Individuality
L – Leadership
D – Delightful
R – Respectful
E – Engage
N – Now
The time is NOW to better the life of the child, build their capacity and healing will come. The best gift by parents is not in giving birth but in the training and raising the child because the future of humanity is in their hands. To validate this, a child protection Code of Conduct for Activate Youth Camp 2015 was developed.
At night, Mentors brainstormed on a fun reward system for campers in various teams to eliminate positions and make competitions friendly.
Get ready all, this is a new special: ACTIVATE YOUTH CAMP SOCIAL MEDIA PARTY on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to tell the world what we do and how we do it. Remember the hash tags for our social media  channels are -#ActvateYouthCamp #AYC15 #theAwakening and the official hash tag for twitter is #ActivateYouthCamp.

Get ready to awake the giants in the kids and let the world connect to the vision

To be!

I have heard that beggars have ridden horses.

And that servants who once served have risen to be served upon.

I have read of homeless children who became saviours of the very country that

deserted them

I know of  a boy with no shoes, who later ruled a nation on the African continent

There is a president growing on the inside of a young boy.

There are Leaders in the next generation.

Children who will be great, who will sour to  heights unknown.

I refuse to fold my hands, to be a casual onlooker

I long to be part of something bigger,

I want to get it right where the generation before mine got it wrong

I want to say of a truth,I was here, in this time and place.


Volunteer AYC 2015

Graphics by Orebiyi Ayooluwatunde
Volunteer AYC 2015


     At a time as this, in an atmosphere where everyone struggles to just make ends meet. Parents are either thinking of the next line of business or brooding over the bills at hand, even the School teachers who primarily should have been molding the next generation and securing a perfect future for this little ones have lost the passion for their calling and have been carried away by their own ‘bellies’ and not their heart
   What then does the future hold? Should we just fold hands and watch the next generation develop into the same mistake of the present, or keep nagging at the situation.
We at Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative would not fold hands; neither would we give up on making these kids bright stars, we can’t watch this tragedy happen, that is why we have chosen to Empower, Encourage and Equip these young minds with the arsenal within our possession and Awaken the giant in them. Every Child has potentials, they have incredible minds beyond the comprehension of our reasoning, but sadly have been deaden and made to sleep due to irresponsibility of the Government, Parents and teachers.
   This year, as it has always been and even better, Annie’s Place Child Development Initiative would be hosting these children for a period of 7 days and would be camping them; thereby removing them from a world of strife into a conducive environment for Reshaping, Remolding and Re-igniting them into the STAR they were created to be.

Come join and be part as we take this ‘ORE’ through the refining process and make them the GOLD our future needs through ”The Awakening” … I have it in me.    

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