Day 4

So far so good. What a wonderful time we’ve been having at this year’s camp. Although the activities can be sometimes exhausting, the campers cannot afford to miss any of them and keep looking forward to the next session.

Inspite of the weather, the day started well with the drill session which was quite interesting. The breakfast was a delicious one.

Team meeting was interactive as usual, plans were made for the drama competition for the night.



 During the general session, Champ Rotimi Adeaga talked about mindset, using its growth and characteristics as the focus, breaking it into:
*Intelligence of the mind*

*Main concern of the mind*

*Efforts of the mind*

*Challenges of the mind*

*Feedback from the mind*

*Mistakes of the mind*


The breakout session came up next, and it went well. It was an impactful time. God bless our facilitators for giving their time to be a part of this life changing journey.




 The skill acquisition classes continued and the campers eagerly participated, practicing what they have learnt in their different skills.





 Lunch was good. Thumbs up to the Kitchen folks!

Mrs Salewa Aboderin took us on the journey of guided learning. She explained how “repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression” and why what you choose to do should “start now”.



Thereafter, Mr. Toyin Pinheiro SAN taught us the essentials that makes us who we are which include honesty, integrity, and humility.

 Adventure session was so interactive and tasking with a lot for the campers to learn.

Excited campers were seen every where on the field for the sport session, we had a swell time.




Dinner was great, trust our kitchen crew.

The drama night was a ‘wawu’ something, permit me to use that word. We had in our midst the popular, handsome, nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon. He said amongst many other thought-provoking things, that “in order for you to pursue your passion, you have to fulfil your responsibility”. He also made the children know that you can do and be more than one thing but you have to do it one after the other and be diligent at it. He was greatly impressed by the drama presentation from the teams as they demonstrated through their skits what being divergent meant to them. The campers were so elated. We had an eventful and unforgettable evening.




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