Day 6

The day started with the drill session. It took a while to get ready for the day but we finally did and then proceed to eat a  sumptuous breakfast.

 Breakout session was up next, we were divided into two groups, boys separately, girls separately. The campers discussed intimately with the mentors on issues bothering them as teenagers. Ideas were shared and feelings were bared.



We had another breakout session and this time the girls and boys were together.

Skills acquisition was next, we concluded our trainings in readiness for presentation at the Variety night.

Lunch was good.

 On the Journey of Guided Learning, Mr Alex Goma, shedding light into our theme for this year, said,

* Nature has made us different. We all have different DNA and made different to meet the divergent needs of people.

* It’s the quest for order in society that tries to condition us to become one.

* Divergent means being yourself with purpose. Life is about choices. We make better choices if we decide based on our purpose rather than our circumstances.

* It takes courage to find yourself and be the best you can be. Faith and knowledge conquer fear and build courage.

* Humility will help you manage success and tolerance daily.

* Build self control to manage your success and character.

* Persistence helps you to build resilience which is critical for sustained success.




 Adventure as always was fun, each team was asked to search for treasures which had been hidden before.

Sport session for AYC 2017 ended on a good note.




Dinner was delicious, we wish this camp wouldn’t end. It was  a colourful Variety night with participants donning their traditional attires. There was an Exhibition for all the skills acquired in AYC 2017, prizes were also given. We had barbecue chicken and drinks while souvenirs from PAXO Pharmaceuticals was also distributed. Different games were played and as always, there was Music by AYC’s very own DJ Xpressit..

It was a Divergent Party.


See you at AYC ’18 ” I AM INGENIOUS”

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