Day 1



Courageous is “ possessing or displaying courage” where courage is “the quality of spirit that enables you face danger or pain without showing fear.” So how do you say courageous?
Courageous | Igboya | Obi Ike | onígboyà | mai tatare da karfin hali| courageux | Tunaomba | mutig|  勇敢 Yǒnggǎn |

Whichever language we choose to say courageous, we should know that in times like these Nigeria needs to build moral consciousness, develop young leaders willing to create change and a generation willing enough to dare the impossible; they need just one thing to transform words and theories into action: COURAGE.

For these next seven (7) days, Activate Youth Camp (AYC) 2016 will gather champions from across Nigeria to transform their views of life and challenge them to positively face every difficulty on their way to success “courageously” to achieve excellence.

As they arrive, we see teenagers desiring success, parents needing transformation and mentors(including facilitators) filled with passion to be vanguards in making this happen.

Campers and parents success stories from last year has showed the AYC vision is effective and this has driven us to improve every year more than the previous. A peek into what you’ll experience in the “courageous” journey with us whether you are at home or here on camp at AYC’16:

Today was team bonding! It was so lovely to see old attendees reunite with friends and new campers adapting to the atmosphere and making new friends; but this is just the tip of the iceberg of many more great moments to happen on camp. The rest of the week will see us begin with morning fitness drills, skills and development classes from renowned Nigerian entrepreneurs.



Kikelomo Omooba, The Convener, AYC
I am so excited about this edition of AYC, the previous editions of AYC truly brought about transformation in the lives of participants. From the first  AYC tagged ‘I have it in me’, to the second ‘I am aware’ and the third ‘The Awakening’, the objective has been to help teens discover and expose the potentials deposited on their inside. This edition takes all the earlier learning to a whole new action-packed level themed ‘The Courageous’!

Have you ever wondered why you still find it difficult to ‘think right and fast, talk, walk and act right’ at school or at home even when you know within you that these are what you should be doing? Well, that’s why this edition has been put together.

The camp this year promises to activate you into bravery to act according to your convictions and beliefs especially in the face of pressure and criticism and help you to become a fearless and action-taking champion you were meant to be. All that is needed is your determination and we are ready to roll!
So fellow champions, it’s time to buckle up, fasten your seat belt and brace yourself to conquer those difficulties, pain, barrier without fear! And trust me when I say the facilitators, mentors and oh mine!….the activities this year are just what you need, together with the right state of mind.

I’ll see you in camp

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From the girl they called “Shy” … So hard to say GOODBYE

Wow! And so its the end of AYC’15.
This week has been wonderful, so many benefits. Conquered my shyness, found out I am a good writer, really worth it! I have no regrets that I came here because I have achieved a lot of great things. I am going to miss every new person I met here, all the mentors and the facilitators.
God bless the convener of Activate Youth Camp, Mrs Kikelomo Omooba for helping me awaken the giant in me.

Adekunle Anita
Camper, AYC’ 15